Online Law School Paced & Priced For Working Adults

The California School of Law is the premier online law school with over ten years’ experience helping working adults achieve their goal of becoming an attorney!

The California School of Law offers students a rigorous legal education that is 100% online. The online law degree is as close as possible to a residential classroom setting but provides the flexibility and convenience working adults need.

Our students have performed very well on the California Bar Exam; 80% of our students passed July 2016.

Our innovative technology, outstanding faculty, and traditional curriculum prepare our students to succeed on the bar exam and as attorneys. Students will learn theoretical legal doctrine, develop their analytical and practical skills needed to practice law after they graduate from the California School of Law.

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Law School Online

Students are in live video conferencing classes with the professor and classmates, where students and faculty discuss and debate the law two nights a week.  All classes are conducted live and use the Socratic Method of instruction.

The California School of Law’s goal is to provide an educational experience as close as possible to a traditional residential law school. Students can see and speak live with the professors and classmates on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The students and faculty discuss and debate the law as if they are physically in the same room. The smaller class sizes allow students to develop a much more personal relationship with the professors and other students than at larger law schools.

Classroom participation with professors obviously is an important part of law school, but communication between students also is important. At the California School of Law, students can form study groups to discuss cases, trade class outlines, prep for tests, as well as make friends and networking connections that last a lifetime.

Learn About the California School of Law's online law school, Straight from the Source. You will find video Testimonials from Alumni and Students as well as a recordings of a torts class.

Online Law School
Online law Degree

Bar Exam Results

Our graduates have performed exceptionally well on the California Bar Exam!

Over the last 10 years 43% of the students who have taken the exam have passed!

On the July 2016 California Bar Exam 80.0% our students passed!

The California School of Law offers a four month intensive Bar Review Course!