The mission of the California School of Law is to prepare adults for the legal profession, through innovative scholarship and professional training, via distance learning, with live video conferencing classrooms. Students receive a traditional legal education designed to train individuals to perform as attorneys from any internet compatible device.

The California School of Law is committed to educating students to meet the challenges of the new millennium by enabling students to develop the intellectual abilities and the practical skills necessary for a full range of career options – whether graduates choose to enter a law firm, solo practice, serve in government, work as public interest lawyers, chose a career in business or use their legal education as civic leaders.

The focus of the law school is to deliver a challenging curriculum that is demanding and yet paced for working adults. The Juris Doctor program stresses the development of the student’s ability to learn, assimilate, analyze and communicate legal information.

The law school is intended to serve the global legal community and is for adults of all ages and nationalities who aspire to achieve a Juris Doctor Degree in law. That global legal community can expect California School of Law graduates to be Attorneys who are properly prepared from a traditional methodology, a contemporary curriculum through dynamic state-of- the-art technology.

The California School of Law respects the value of diversity among students and faculty and encourages the participation of individuals from all countries, nationalities, races, colors, ethnicities, religions, ages, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds and points of view, as well as persons with physical and learning disabilities. The law school admits students with a Bachelors or Associates Degree, whether entering directly after college, changing careers or furthering an ongoing career who demonstrate the ability, intellect and character to complete law school successfully.