Transfer Students
The California School of Law accepts transfer students from ABA and California Accredited law schools.

In order for transfer students units to be accepted they must have the following:

  • Transfer students must be in good academic standing at his/her previous law school. Students not in good academic standing can not transfer units.
  • Transfer students units must be less than two and a half years old.
  • Transfer students must complete 2 years or 50% of his/her law school education at the California School of Law.
  • Transfer students must submit official transcripts from all prior law schools attended.

Starting Law School Over
If a potential transfer student does not meet transfer criteria, the California School of Law will permit them to re-start law school.

Transfer of Credit to Other Law Schools
It is the responsibility of each student to investigate the transferability of credits earned at any law school including the California School of Law. Students should not assume that credits earned at the California School of Law will be accepted by other institutions.