Tuition at the California School of Law is an charged by the trimester, so there are three semesters a year.

One Trimesters tuition is $3,000.

One Years tuition is $9,000.

The Juris Doctor Degree tuition is $36,000.

Payment Plans

California School of Law provides students with several affordable payment plans.

Students can pay as little as $350.00 a month and have a relatively small loan balance when they graduate. At $750.00 a month students graduate debt free!

All students enrolled in the law school will be approved for the payment plan chosen.

If you would like to determine if you are qualified for admissions, please complete our Admissions Evaluation Form.

Or contact our Admissions Counselor at 805-770-3030 or by e-mail at [email protected] for assistance at any point in your application process.

Refund Policy
Students are only obligated to pay only for education received, so if a student can not continue in the law school they are only charged for the classes they attended. No refund will be made to a student after 50% of the instruction for the trimester is completed. After 50% of the scheduled classes are held, whether the student attended or not, the student will owe the full tuition charged for the trimester.