Law School Goal

The Law School try's to provides an educational experience as close as possible to a traditional residential law school. Students are in class with the professors and classmates where they debate the law as if they are physically in the same room.

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Bar Exam Results

California School of Law had a pass rate of 80% in 2016! with an over all pass rate of 46% over the past 10 years. This is due to our highly educated and professional Faculty plus an intensive Bar Exam Review Course.

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Affordable Tuition

California School of Law is affordable and the student will not be buried under a mountain of debt. Each trimester is only $3,000 totaling $9,000 per year! There are convenient payment plans that all students are approved for.

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Getting Accepted Is The Easy Part

California School of Law is interested in students who are willing to work hard to become successful lawyers. Applicants with a Bachelors, Associates or 60+college units will be considered for admissions.

LSAT is NOT Required.

Find out if you will be Accepted!

To have your academic credentials reviewed for free simply fill our and Admissions Evaluation and our admissions team will let you know. Or call the law school to discuss it with and Admissions counselor.

Admissions Evaluation


Apply Now...

If you have decided the California School of Law is the right law school for you, then you can apply now and start law school with our next class.